11 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

Zonguldak province, according to surveys in the province of BC 1. begins with a thousand heads. Sandrake ancient times known as the settlement similar to the village, is the first residential area of ​​the province, the name of Sandra Stream (Agger / Zonguldak River) has taken. BC Phrygian city and the historic environment 1200s being the region begins to dominate. BC 6. 2nd century dominated the region until the Phrygian century later, respectively, Cimmerians,

 Lydians, Medes, and the judge will Assurlar. BC Megonalılar in the mid 6th century and established a strong Greek colony Boiotialılar here and took the name of the region during this period Pontika Harekleia Eregli. Anatolia, pass into the hands of the Persians, Zonguldak and its surroundings will Satraplığı'na Cappadocia. BC Dominance which lasted until the Persians in 334, the location leaves Makedonialılara.
c-today operation of coal mines before the marshy shores of Zonguldak, Bartin and is full of reeds and sailors plying the coasts geçerlerken Amasra kamışlık meaning reeds or the from the "Zungalık" verirlermiş name. In fact, because of fog without being aware they had to moor in front of the site where today lavvarlannm company Eregli the fog recovers from a timber ship when the captain of his friends: This is the "Zungahkmış", he fell off onto the beach which is well known by that name among sailors tell the sailors and their first order, thus the name of the city istemiştir.işte together with the people who deliberately plant in their mouths. Reeds which means "Zungalık" our city was booze. "Zungalık real time, changing the shape of the name we use today," Zonguldak "has turned into a. This is the second story of the basin which is the oldest Islamic miners, miner, The Secret of Solomon's father was posted to the city's re-establishment of Ahmet Ali Aga izafeten found in the basin, and the narration of a man who actually worked in mines, on the origin of the name of the city considered the most robust source is essential to.